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Eeyore was a Wednesday's Child

I can't help it - I was born that way

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Just me.

Yeah, that's what my bio generally is. However, I thought I might turn over a new leaf and try to type up a real bio for a change.

The basics:
I'm a thirty-something solo-mother of an only child and a native Texan of Native American descent (a city-indian to the core). I grew up just 20 minutes from downtown Houston (which was then and still is the 4th largest city in the US) in a small town better known for being home of the "Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom" than anything else. My family has lived in my hometown since the early 1930's and my grandmother is there still. I left as soon as I was able to.

I have the equivalent of a BS in both sociology and anthropology with a minor in psychology but had to pull out of university studies just 10 hours shy of graduating due to personal and psychological reasons, not to mention my son had become severely allergic to the air in the town the university was in. I have a vivid interest in forensic anthropology and have done extensive research in both clay facial reconstruction (the FACES lab at the university in Baton Rouge is fabulous) and forensic identification of human remains as found in mass graves. I also authored a paper in geriatric sociology on "Inter-generational Co-habitation of Native American Elders: Cultural Ideal or Socio-Economic Need?" I created such a reputation in my sociology and social work classes on campus that I was known more widely as "Jane Adams" than by my own name.

My son and I are avid travellers. We have lived in several cities since his birth including: Omaha, Nebraska; Beaumont, Texas; San Francisco, California... We currently reside in Buda, Texas which he loves and so we remain. We like seeing new places and have been to the Santa Monica Pier, Washington DC and just about everywhere in between (his favorites were the Grand Canyon and the Lincoln Memorial, mine were Montezuma's Castle and the Golden Gate Bridge).

Religiously speaking, my son and I are Friends, also known as Society of Friends, Religious Society of Friends, and Quakers. However, with the nearest Friends meeting taking place more than 60 miles from our front door, we only attend on alternate Sundays and attend a local Baptist church with our elderly neighbor on the Sundays we stay close to home.

I often work a job I hate but which pays the bills for the most part. The most important aspect of my job is that they are willing to work around my severe latex allergy. I am also working on getting published in the world of children's fiction. I have one manuscript in route to publishers and at least two more nearly completed... plus twenty thousand in the works at any one time.

As of August 2006, I am not only taking care of my son and myself but also my mother who is borderline mentally ill and has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

My interests are varied and ever-expanding. I read anything in print. I listen to all types of music. I am appreciative of all living creatures with only one or two exceptions. There is little I am not willing to try or attempt.

Marriage is love.
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