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a possible return to pow-wowing

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The Austin Pow Wow was last Saturday and I rounded up Mama and Tryst to attend - without regalia since I have no clue where my old regalia is and I haven't put together any for Tryst since he was a toddler.  Much to my surprise, we were able to stick out seven hours before I became too worried about Mama's stamina and health and insisted we leave.

We had a good time and Tryst has decided he wants to learn to dance, so now I'm scouring the web to find the various bits and pieces he'll need for his traditional regalia.  I've also decided to make another Tear Dress since I never quite finished the last one I made to my liking and I want to switch up my colors.  It's been so long since I beaded anything, this should be interesting.

I was surprized by the large number of "off season" competition pow wows that are going on in our general vicinity.  I guess it just goes to show how long it's been since I was in the pow wow scene with any regularity since back when I was a regular, there were never any competition pow wows in the spring, fall or winter.  

I always wanted Tryst to get involved with the pow wow circuit but I wanted to wait until he was older enough to decide on his own.  I told him that if he was serious about wanted to do it, I would go ahead and buy one of the DVDs for him to practice with and start on his regalia.  We've spent the last few days discussing which dance style he prefers (fancy dance is out based on the amount of energy involved) and so forth.  I've never had to put a bustle or roach together before - this is going to be an interesting winter.

In other news, I'm still not used to the swith from daylight savings time... or was it the switch to daylight savings time... I never am sure.  It's only 9:30 but I'm going to bed.
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On November 6th, 2007 11:21 am (UTC), bluedove46 commented:
Hey I was just thinking about you the other day. Really. I'm trying to visit my Journal more often and clean up a couple of things and review. It looks like you and your son are having a great time. How's your mother? Are you getting that rest we talked about? hehehehe . I know, we changed back to Daylight savings time and we are an hour back from the east coast. So, it becomes darker sooner than I like.

I'm about to be promoted and my loveyl boss retired. I miss him. He was a sweetheart. Not that I wanted his position, but it was offered and I couldn't turn it down. Formalities and all, but my Superior wanted me to apply anyway. So things are going good. I'm anxious for the holidays, though I have to work on Thanksgiving, it's the last shift, so I don't miss anything. How's your writing going? I miss your stories. I think everyone does. heheheheh. Anyway, crime does not stop and I must filter on. Life can be unfair sometimes, but I know that some have it worse than others, so I'm thankful anyway. Good to hear from you again, and I love the picture of you and your son. Toodles.


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