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Tryst is in absolute heaven.  Our across the street neighbor (whose two boys are nearly both grown now) called Trystan over this evening to ask if he liked Pokemon cards.  They have been doing some spring cleaning and had come across a book of Pokemon cards they were going to throw away until they thought of Trystan.  Does he like Pokemon cards?  It's the main thing he's asked for for Christmas and it's what his weekly allowance gets used for each Friday.

He is now the proud owner of not only more Pokemon cards, but many early edition Japanese cards and a number of others that are from earlier sets than the ones he has now.  He's now pawing through them describing their relative value (money wise as well as game wise).  

So I suppose we'll count that as an early Christmas gift from the neighbors.

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On December 8th, 2007 09:05 pm (UTC), aurora_lamour commented:
I added smiley-bound because I got your letter. Add me back?
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