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when it rains...

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I don't know if God's on my side or if I'm either incredibly lucky or unlucky.

I managed to melt my car's engine last night while driving my mother home from her radiation appointment.  The mechanic gave me the bad news this morning, he then found a car that fit in my current budget.  When I drove said car back to his shop in order to sign the final sales papers, it decided to spring a massive leak and spew fluids all over the cement.  It's now in his shop because, to be completely honest, the deal they gave me can't be beat even with having to pay half of the cost of fixing the vehicle.  I'll still end up with a car that's actually worth a good deal more than what I paid. 

I've been sick all week with 100 degree temperatures and Tryst was ill enough today to merit staying home as well.  I know my own illness is due to the fact that I have finally slowed down enough to allow my body to become sick.  all it took was three days without work for my fever to start climbing - the house is still not tidy although the plan was to have it so by Wednesday.

I'm off to tidy the kitchen while the medicine I took is still working well enough to make me feel like a human being.
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