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Today is my last official day at Apple.  I decided to take a…

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Today is my last official day at Apple.  I decided to take a break from working so that I can get Mama to and from her daily radiation therapy appointments and to give me time to focus a bit more on my manuscripts... not to mention time to actually clean the house that has been neglected the last month (we have no more clean dishes.)  Since Mama's disability is more than my paycheck, we decided we could afford it and I'm exhausted anyway.

With the monstrous check we received last week, Mama got a new HD TV (the color tube in my old TV is trying to go out finally) and she bought me a laptop since my desktop and her laptop are never available and it's difficult to work on my manuscripts when the only time I can snag a computer is when she's at the doctor's and Tryst is at school.  Now the next large expenditure will be a place to live on our own.

Tryst has a new pet whom I happened across while driving home from the grocery store a week ago.  It's a tiny little red-eared slider I was worried would be squashed by a car in his chosen sunning spot of the middle of the road.  I was also a bit concerned the neighborhood chickens would think it was lunch.  It's name: Frederick von Strasse.  Frederick seems quite content in his aquarium and with all his new paraphernalia.  Who knew a little two-inch long terrapin could possibly need so much stuff...
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